A Hair’s Breadth


Gratis frakt på alla böcker

A Leap Beyond Chance

When the youth of the species lose all hope, when apathy and despair subdue the energy of their natural life force, determined adults step up to mold the evolution of humanity.

In the first half of the 2000s, Lucia is approached by a covert group of competent thinkers and professionals.
Learning that workgroups like this exist all across the globe, creating baselines for advancing the Earth’s administrations, she dives head first into bringing about a world beyond the destructive forces of outdated rulers and idols. Many decades later, her descendants are abruptly catapulted into events threatening the path along which humanity’s true geniality is unfolding toward a better world. Lucia’s diary inspires them when fierce forces attempt to lock humanity down, back to antiquated patterns. Dangerous, self-serving powermongers are determined to sway humanity away from the evolutional strides of the past century. Her ancestors are forced into events that could prove to be the storm to break all barriers.

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