Now the dance has begun


Gratis frakt på alla böcker

To be 39 and to have never truly lived. The yearning to belong took me by surprise. Amazed, I felt the love for life spread, radiant, to every corner of my being. I was afraid, truly trembling, at the sheer thought of all things new. The love for my child, the curiosity of how my new life might turn out. These passions, and others, continuously fuel me with a desire to do whatever it takes. Also, unexpectedly, I was overwhelmed by a pulsating, humbling reverence for our wondrous Earth. Daily, and despite my fears, I keep on choosing life. This is a tale of how I live differently than I have ever done before, and, Dear Reader, of how I seek out the courage to manage it.

Now I tell of the planting of roots and of my soaring aspirations – all in a deep-felt realm of gratitude, hope and trust.

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